Samuel Jackson aka Nick Fury Will Be Everywhere

by Irma Arkus

Samuel Jackson has reportedly signed a contract for nine films. NINE. That’s a lot of Jackson, and the reason behind his multiple appearances is Nick Fury.

Marvel is currently developing a slew of films. The sequel to Iron Man, the now-in-production Thor, Captain America, and long awaited The Avengers, as well as their sequels, are all reported to have a little Nick Fury Magic.

Strangely, the Marvel corps were accused in press of being cheap with some of their contracts, as Terrence Howard suddenly did not get the expected contract for Iron Man sequel, and even Samuel Jackson expressed disdain over the thrift payment for his brief appearance at the end of Iron Man.

One thing is undoubted though: Marvel is making a lot of money by turning their comic book assets into cinematic blockbusters, and vice versa. We are going to see many of them, and they will be large. Moreover, they will be Jackson-ed.