Malajube: Older, Wiser, Coller with “Labyrinthes”

by Irma Arkus

Montreal’s Malajube captured my attention a few years back with their release Trompe L’Oeil (2006), a highly enjoyable, edgier indie pop-rock tunes, with significantly tastier titles like ‘Jus de Cannenberges,’ ‘Fille a Plumes’ and ‘Pate Filo.’ Filled with

Well, now Malajube is mightier than god, their image gracefully floating across pages of magazines, and everyone is tuning into their new album, Labyrinthes.

The Dears, Arcade Fire, and Wolf Parade are all familiar names that seem to be thrown in for good measure, but unncessarily so, as Labyrinthes deserves to be evaluated on its own merits.

And there are plenty of merits to Labyrinthes. The album is called by many “strange,” but features a healthy dose of prog-rock, sprinkled with heavier, moody funk added into its arraignment of sounds.