Tom Baker Coming Back To Doctor Who

by Irma Arkus

Tom Baker is rumoured to be coming back for a special appearance in the new Doctor Who.

The rumour has been leaked by an insider from production, and the details are murky, but it is implied that the most beloved Timelord of all times, Tom Baker, will indeed be gracing the screens in the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

No confirmation yet on whether Baker will be appearing as a Timelord, or some other character, but one thing is for sure – we are excited.

Tom Baker had a great run playing the Doctor from 1974-1981. After this, he had a short stint as Sherlock Holmes, but overall, the roles he engaged were minor and to a great extent, critically lacklustre.

The comeback of Baker to the small screen was due to his narration of Little Britain, a show that catapulted Baker back to stardom.

The return of Baker, considered to be the best Doctor to grace the small screens, is a fantasy come true for every fan of this long-standing show. Before that happens though, I do encourage you to find out why Baker’s Doctor is seen as the “golden era” of television, and watch the 70s productions. I promise you no disappointments.