Blake 7 Will Return to Small Screens?

by Irma Arkus

Now that Battlestar Galactica has retired, after a comeback that enjoyed a vehement fan following and an unprecedented critical acclaim, the rumours are that Blake 7, a similarly humble production, will be remade.

Blake 7, a British science fiction television show produced by BBC, was created by none other than Terry Nation, a man responsible for possibly the greatest science fiction moments in TV history.

Nation not only contributed to Doctor Who, but is the creator of the Daleks, the Borg that will not die, or change their anti-human ways.

Blake 7 is particularly intersting as a show, because it is a much darker show, with relatively dislikeable characters. The highly political nature of the show’s plot, as well as the morally ambigous protagonists, would be more than suitable for contemporary concerns of the TV audience.

The show is focused on Roj Blake, a revolutionary, who leads his band of merrywomen and merrymen against a totalitarian regime, the Terran Federation.

If this reminds you of Firefly, then do not worry, the similarities end there.

Blake escapes from a prison colony, and steals a superior spaceship, the Liberator. Together with crooks, murderors and various plotters, he attempts to freedom-fight the corrupt regime that spans throughout the galaxy.

Blake is the only likeable protagonist, but even he tends to disappear and fall in the story background, as Kerr Avon, a sort of self-interested thief and master manipulator takes over the crew, albeit temporarily.

The show is well known for its lack of cheery tones. Instead, the battle that Blake engages upon seems unwinnable, the goals unattainable, making it a melancholic, dark journey of the soul.

The show has over the years attained an esteemed, cult following, and is considered to be one of the finest space operas.

The remake has been announced by SkyOne, a British satellite television network. [BBC]