MAD MAX, The Game

by Irma Arkus

Gaming Target reports on the Mad Max video game, based on the iconic film franchise.

Yeah, now that the 80s are back in full bloom (or is it the 30ties depression era?), the whole DIY wardrobe/crazy murderers and makeshift societies in a post-apocalyptic setting, all together sounds like good times.

While Mad Max director George Miller and God of War II director Cory Barlog were “working” on the game, making most of us squirm in our waiting seats, upon revisiting the issue of the Mad Max game, it turns out that no progress has been made.

O.K. so not necessarily NO PROGRESS. But they did admit that the game will take a few years to finish. So, we just have to cool our heels, and enjoy Mel Gibson as the Jesus man, rather than the plucky, leather-clad hero we all remember fondly.