Bale No Longer Batman?

by Irma Arkus

Batman was a pretty dead franchise, cinematically speaking, after the Joel Schumacher fiasco.

And then it came back. Big time.

Not only did Christopher Nolan manage to make a convincing Batman, starring Christian Bale in title role, but he did one better: Nolan managed to make amazing movies period.

With the release of the Dark Knight, Nolan solidified the until then, fragile relatioship between superhero films and great acting, getting as far as receiving Academy Awards.

At this moment, it is impossible to see anyone else directing the films, or for that matter, anyone else being the Batman.

The impossible, however, is rumoured to be happening. Warner Brothers as well as the tabloid press is creating waves with the possiblity that Christian Bale may be replaced.

Furthermore, as Nolan has not yet signed the contracts for the sequel in the franchise, the “press” goes as far as to question whether the director will be returning to Gotham as well?

Sam Worthington as Batman? Really? Who is that? Oh, and I also hear that Joel Schumacher is available for directing. [MTV Movie Blog]