India Needs No GoogleEarth, They Have Bhuvan

by Irma Arkus

Reuters reports on India’s National Remote Sensing Center, meant to serve as a superior, national version of GoogleEarth.

The program called Bhuvan, is meant to do what GoogleEarth does, but better, with a greater specificity on local environment, including soil types and the location of ground water. The idea is to combine the available satellite imagery and geographic field information to improve upon city planning efforts.

The really intersting bit about Bhuvan is that it has a resolution of 2.5 meters, which is highly accurate and provides for a superior resolution to that of GoogleEarth.

This brings up some valid security concerns. In the mentioned Mumbai Attacks, the gunmen were prepared using GoogleMap technology. With Bhuvan, they get to inquire about mining right, do online tours, and only then turn to their terrorist attacks.

This also brings up another interesting point: publicly available satellite images with a 2.5 meter resolution? Yes, you have been watched. [Reuters]