HiSciFi – Big Hadron Games, Watchmen, Blake 7

This week we have some familiar faces from Centre for Digital Media, Steve Danic, and his peeps: Matt Jenkins and Michelle Parent.

The three have been designing video games at an astounding, super-human pace. Designing a video game every two weeks, and then pushing production down to 48-hour period is impressive. Flash they may be, but still fun to play. So, check them out at Big Hadron Games.

Danic also recommends some basic, open-source tools, that anyone can download and try one or another aspect of video game making on your own (or call Steve, I guess).

We also had a brief, but valuable discussion on what the future of video gaming may bring, consider the current economic recession, world burning, etc…

Oh, and we give you the review of the Watchmen. And the goods on Blake 7.
HiSciFi – Big Hadron Games, Watchmen, Blake 7