Stem Cells? For Boobs, Naturally

by Irma Arkus

You know it, I know it, everybody knows it – when it comes to priorities, western medicine has got an interesting approach. Instead of curing malaria, eradicating rabies, or preventing cancer, we go with Viagra.

Same with stem cells. Oh sure, you could use them to grow tissue, repair damaged liver, kidney and heart cells, maybe even make paraplegics take a shot at the running again. But NO. No such luck after all. Why? Because we have some prioritizing to do: Technology Review reports of a new technique that uses stem cells mixed with extracted fat cells, once injected into boobs, will be a far more suitable concoction for breast enchancement.

On the one hand, I am actually happy that women, who are tortured into contorting their bodies to assume more likeable shapes will, at least, avoid potential cancers and severe health issues that arise from using silicone-filled bags stuffed into their chest. On the other hand….the idea that one of the first usages of stem cells is literally stuffed back into women for aesthetic enchancement…well, it just takes the cake.

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