Sam Rockwell’s “Moon” Is The Film to Watch Out For

by Irma Arkus

Despite the fact that sci-fi offerings seem relatively prodigious this year, comparatively to that of previous few, I have been left relatively unsatisfied in my anticipation.

Worst of all, with my brain scalded numerous times with misleading coolness (read = lies, all lies) of trailers, touting the film to somehow be THE last film we will need to watch, I have been progressively staying clear of their beauty, preferring instead to watch them first, and then declare my delight.

Many of you have appreciated this fact over the years. But this year, there is a film that has actually captured my attention. And it isn’t just me – the Internets are abuzz with new Sam Rockwell film, “Moon.”

“Moon” is promising to both tickle the brain and the eyes, as Rockwell plays Sam Bell, an employee working the moon-mines for solid, lonely, three years.

He talks to his family, recalling memories of the happier, less solitary days. His contract is about to end, when strange events occur. In fact, the trailer shamelessly shows a second Sam Bell appearing in the base. And a wiley computer, convincing Sam that he is the sole, and only person on board the base.

The lick is two-fold. On the one hand, visually, the film possess the kind of beauty that we expect from Tarkovsky or Kubrick. The sets clearly imitate the “2001: A Space Odyssey,” an homage to the great visual aspects of the film that has captivated us for decades.

On the other hand, the original story penned by Duncan Jones, whose credits are far shorter than this blog, allows for some speculation – mainly that Jones is mixing his science and fiction rather well, by introducing good corporate schemes, cloning, and psychological warfare against the employee, Sam.

Even if I am entirely correct, the film, also directed by Duncan Jones, is still promising to bring a hard sci-fi story to the silver screens. One that we have not seen probably since “Solaris.” Looking forward to it.

See trailer here.