“A Game of Thrones” Coming to Small Screens

by Irma Arkus

George R. R. Martin’s incredible series of books will see the light of day on the small screen. Or so he says on his blog.

“A Game of Thrones” is coming to HBO, and the pilot will be shot in October in Northern Ireland.

For the most part, the readers of the George R.R. Martin will probably say: “it’s about damn time!” And they would be right, too.

Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” was nominated for a Nebula, a World Fantasy Award and won a Locus. And that’s quite the roster.

Once it made the splash, back in 1966, it immediately inspired six sequels to the storyline, a board game, some trading cards, a role-playing game, and now *pheew* a TV show.

Like all fancy fantasy, George R. R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” is set in Medieval times. The setting is complex, as it encompasses not one, but seven kingdoms that are naturally prone to war.

I consider myself generally allergic to fantasy, am cheering for the albino direwolf, and am actually looking forward to seeing the pilot.