by Irma Arkus

Reviews are showering the newly released Wolverine with some kind words, and announced already is a planned sequel to adventures of the fab mankitten (is it me, or have we been cat-obsessed lately?).

Wolverine is a popular X-Men character who had a comic book series of its own, simply because the healing powers, cool hair and retractable claws ooozed with cool. Most fans however, had very little knowledge of Wolverine’s past and origins, and even though fans of X-Men feel slightly cheated, as the X-Men movies featured Wolverine prominently and were partially focused on his past, the film was meant to elaborate in-depth on the humble origins of one of world’s best known comic book characters.

The major focal point of the film is Wolverine’s tie to Sabretooth, and the evolution of their complicated relationship.

While the film boasts the meager PG-13 rating (*yawn* “Has anyone seen Will Smith?!”) the screenplay did treat the film subject in a mediocre yet acceptable fashion. Oh, sure, this is no Dark Knight, but it does provide for a well-designed superhero experience, once again confirming that the comic book film franchises have matured to an acceptable, if slightly predictable, level of filmmaking. Best of all, Wolverine made up for the lackluster X-Men film finale.

As a fan of X-Men, my ire had no bounds. The last film in the X-Men franchise left me cold, and disinterested, but watching the mankitty do his thing on the silver screen, made up for that initial waste of time.

The comic book superheroes have all grown up. Now we just have to muster enjoying their on-screen feuds. With pleasure, I say.