France: Three Strikes and You’re Disconnected

by Irma Arkus

France has approved its three strikes policy as a part of its new anti-piracy legislation.

The new regulation, supported by Nicolas Sarcozy is a draconian version of an anti-piracy law currently under review by EU.

Initially, the vote was rejected, but now, the government has voted yes to what may come to shape the landscape of Internet browsing for generations to come in France.

According to the new regulation, anyone caught illegally sharing any copyrighted material will be suspended from using the Internet.

currently, EU has a measure that prohibits termination of a user’s access without a court order.

While France is an EU member state, the new regulation is considered one of the most draconian and aggressive anti-piracy regulations to date.

According to EU, Internet Access is a fundamental right, same as right to freedom of expression and freedom of access to information, making French regulations clash with that of the European Parliament.

Most consumer advocates and free speech activists are appalled at the passing of such legislation in France, arguing that it denies the alleged pirates the right to challenge the charges in court. The fear for most however is that the French government will have free hand at accessing personal information of users, without a court order, invading peoples privacy in the name of protecting business interests.