Mininova Succumbs To Pressure, Announced Torrent Removals

by Irma Arkus

Last time we spoke to Erik Dubbleboer (find copy of interview few articles below this one), president of, he assured us that Mininova will not be affected by current lobbying efforts to curb piracy. Now the tides have changed, and Mininova is announcing Torrent removals.

In our interview with Dubbleboer, we asked whether Pirate Bay Four trial or generally, lobbying, is affecting distribution of content on Mininova. Dubbleboer assured us that they are not going to be affected by external pressures, that trial will not have consequences on operations, and that policy in place by which rights holders can inform Mininova of copyright infringement upon which administrators remove the mentioned torrent, exists and works quite well.

Now, however, is succumbing to pressure of lobbyist, as it announced a “Torrent Removal Trial.” The brief information promises that they are utilizing content recognition trial, similar to that of YouTube, in order to remove all copyright content.

The flood of responses by disappointed fans and users has been overwhelming, as people expressed their anger over the move.

We are yet to find out how successful the technology in question is, and whether any legally posted content will be affected by this technology.