Pirate Bay Review Judge Removed For Bias???

by Irma Arkus

The reveal of judge Tomas Norström presiding over the Pirate Bay Four case as a biased judge sent shockwaves through Sweden. Norstrom was found to be involved with a number of active copyright-reenforcement lobbying groups. The case, Pirate Bay Four lawyer stated, was biased.

Now, the plot thickens, as the judge Reviewing the case circumstances, Ulrika Ihrfelt, has been removed herself from involvement…for being biased.

Ihrfelt was to determine whether Norström’s judgment can be dismissed in favor of a re-trial. Now, however, due to the discovery that Ihrfelt herself is a member of those same lobbying groups, she will no longer be in charge of the investigation.

The plot thickens though – even if Ihrfelt was removed from the case, Swedish courts apparently have a difficult time finding members who are not tied to the lobbying groups. Currently, three new judges have been appointed to review the case appeal.

Even though the court stated that the three are uninvolved with pro-copyright lobbyists, simple Google searches confirmed otherwise. Anders Eka, for example, has been found to be tied to The Stockholm Center for Commercial Law organisation, whose members are also Monique Wasted and Peter Danowsky, prosecution lawyers in the Pirate Bay Four case who generally work on behest of movie and music industries.

Currently, it is the question of Norström’s bias that must be determined. And the results of the review will be seen in a matter of weeks. [TorrentFreak]