Hail Return of “V” The Series

by Irma Arkus

We’ve been waiting this for years. If you’ve been a long time listener, than you are well aware that amongst the shows we’ve been mulling over as worthy of a restart, “V” has always been on our minds. And our wishes are coming true.

The trailer for the pilot of “V” remake by ABC network is already out, and worthy of your attention (view it here).

Scott Peters, known for his work on 4400, is writing for the show. And the pilot, as well as the series promise a revolving door of familiar faces. Morena Baccarin, familiar to all as Inara Serra of Firefly, or feared Adria of Stargate, is going to be the face of Anna, the alien emissary.

Another Firefly face is Alan Tudyk, who will play Dale Maddox, and Scott Wolf of the “Party of Five” fame, will be Chad Decker, one of the humans caught in the events prompted by alien Visitation.

While the first show, made in 1983-84, features some budget-conscious television making, the premise itself was worthy of note. The Visitors, alien, technologically sophisticated, quickly engage in trade and diplomacy with leaders of humanity. Unfortunately, the Visitors are revealed to have ulterior motives, and though resembling humans, are actually bi-pedal lizards disguised as humans.

The lizard bit is not the most interesting part, as genetic compatibilities between humans and Visitors are established later on. Their appearance aside, it is the reaction of the human “leadership” that is most important, as speedy establishment of militarised society, aiming to preserve their relatively important technological trade with new partners, turn our society into a highly controlled one. Those deemed anti-Visitors are quickly dispatched into concentration camps without any broad questions by the media or public.

The first show was to question how society grows to ignore great tragedies and injustices, such as the Holocaust, examining whether our society would be willing to ignore human rgiths abuses for the sake of profit and benefits brought by the Visitors. By the time the fascist undertones of their brave new world become apparent to public, it is alas too late, leaving only a handful of human resistance members to fight off a major threat to the human race.

These messages were important in 1980s. They may be more important now than ever before.