“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” Canceled?! Noooooo!!!!

by Irma Arkus

It is THE time. Summer approaches, meaning that many shows are either looking at cancellations, or crossing their fingers and hoping to get picked up. Which brings me to my sore point: “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” is canceled.

Despite the “Terminator 4” dangling Christian Bale, MCG’s efforts have proven to be less than successful, allowing Fox executives for a speedy removal of a show that has been actually quite good, but not good enough in ratings.

Why people did not watch Sarah Connor Chronicles is a mystery.

The show not only goes back to basic science fiction premise established by James Cameron, depicting machines from the future in an attempt to manipulate the past in order to kill the leader of the human resistance from their time line, but also features solid cast, an interesting story arch, and fantastic action sequences.

Lena Headey and Summer Glau most definitely bring something to the screen. Even though Headey was impossible to imagine as the tough, gun-wielding matron, she did an amazing job at doing the gloomy Sarah Connor, brooding over her son’s future apocalyptic struggle.

But that is not the only thing that made this show into pure source of entertaining awesomeness. We’ve been missing strong female characters, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles brought it on by the handful. Both Glau and Headey performed exquisitely as two ladies that surpass anyone in the action department.

And let’s not forget marvelous Shirley Manson who managed to deliver outstanding role of the cold steel mama, Catherine Weaver: a sophisticated liquid terminator pretending to be a shadowy industrialist, who is pursuing her own agenda, separate from other machines, refusing some day in the future, to join Connor in his task.

Furthermore, the writing deserves a mention. Introduction of Glau’s character, Cameron, who happens to be a sophisticated, new generation of Terminators, starts to pose questions of what the machines are attempting in the present and the future. The question of what they might be evolving in to and why, presents juicy enough material to keep you seated and thinking about possibilities.

While “possibilities” seemed endless, the show itself is unfortunately looking at the deep dark end.

I guess we’ll never find out how John Connor grows into the post-apocalyptic warrior and mastermind. I am just glad I got to see some of it. If you’ve been missing this one, I highly recommend you get a copy and watch it.