Doctor Who: The New Companion

by Irma Arkus

Since David Tennant revealed that he is to depart from the franchise, I’ve been feeling pangs of loss. He is, after all, one of the best Doctors to arise, standing right up there with Tom Baker as one of my top two favorites.

When Matt Smith was announced as the new face of the Doctor, I admittedly, freaked out a little. Too young? That’s kind of what I thought when Tennant came along too. Too inexperienced? Definitely. The only time we got to previously “see” him in, was in Billie Piper’s X-mas specials, “The Ruby in the Smoke” and “The Shadow in the North.” In a roundabout way, I presume that that was how Mr. Smith indeed ended up connected to the Doctor Who franchise itself.

But rumours are that in his audition, he puffed and huffed and blew all other competition away. Casting has been assuaging us that he is an amazing fit for the Doctor, and that naysayers will be proven wrong.

The new companion for the new Doctor has been announced too, however.

Tall glass of gorgeousness, Karen Gillan, is the new companion. While everyone touts Gilan’s small role in the “Fires Of Pompeii” from last season, I recall her from a failed pilot that showed off the undeniable fact that Gillan is a supermodel calibre of beauty, with the kind of face that you cannot peel your eyes off of, sporting a pair of bright, large eyes, and a whole lot of red hair.