Total Recall: Da Remake

Since we are hurtling towards destruction of our planet, seemingly doing nothing but either suffering pangs of hunger (if you live in South Asia) or writing our blogs (yours truly), we have nothing better to do than ruin everything that made our childhoods pleasant, hence, the remakes of your favorite action/sci-fi films.

Total Recall is being remade, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, none other than Kurt Wimmer is given the task to write the script for the reimagining of the instant classic that made Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guttural noises immortal.

Total Recall is based on Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” novelette, first published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (1966). The protagonist is Douglas Quail, a simple construction worker who wishes for a vacation to Mars, but unable to afford the real thing, ventures to Rekal, a corporation specializing in implanting false memories. During the procedure, Rekal staff discovers that Quail is a real spy, who had his memories altered.

Now, Kurt Wimmer is to do justice to Philip K. Dick’s novelette, which should be relatively interesting, as the 1990 version of the film had a staff of some four writers who worked out details such as the three-boobed lady.

Wimmer is known for his work on The Thomas Crown Affair, Equilibrium, Ultraviolet and Street Kings, which exemplify him as a screenwriter who is versatile and can attack variety of genres.

All in all, I would not be entirely certain why Paul Verhoeven’s film of the 90’s is already prime remake property, if not for the fact that I am keenly aware of the “nostalgia” factor. Studios love this stuff. Because they can sell it to us over and over again and we are hitting our mid 20ties, even 30ties.

Maybe this time however, we’ll actually get something to rival the science fiction classics such as Blade Runner, rather than having another bad revision of Philip K. Dick storytelling, as was the case of Next, featuring Nicholas Cage.

Now as for the boobies….