What Is Going On With Caprica?

by Irma Arkus

If you’ve missed the premiere of Caprica, do not sweat. The pilot left me lukewarm, and it is a self-contained introduction, so you haven’t missed much. Then again, the fact that BSG is no more, makes me want to watch *anything* Ronald D. Moore had his hand in.

Caprica depicts the planet as it is birthing an artificial intelligence that will evolve into Cylons, ultimately resulting in a demise of an entire civilisation.

While competent in casting and direction, the cinematography is nothing that will leave you impressed, leaving an image of a clunky TV-special, hungering for some additional funding.

Introduces Eric Stoltz (The Fly II, Killing Zoe, The Butterfly Effect) as Daniel Graystone, a powerful IT mogul, who discovers that it is his daughter who is a true genious.

Upon her untimely death, Daniel discovers that his daughter programmed a sophisticated avatar, which encapsulated her personality and ultimately gains consciousness.

Daniel, experimenting with security robots, in an effort to get major military contracts, gives his daughter’s mind a new body, allowing the AI to gain a new interface with the world that surrounds it.

Meanwhile, the same event that killed his daughter leaves Joseph Adama, played by Esai Morales, without members of his family, as he is left a single father.

That is pretty much it. Not much there, huh?

The latest news are that Caprica has been picked up. Pilot for Caprica may not be impressive, but the show will go on, meaning that the idea of a prequel will at least have a chance to tell the story.