Pirate Party Wins, Seats in EU Parliament Guaranteed

by Irma Arkus

The Pirate Party has not only won, but will enter the European Parliament.

Swedish elections had one of the unlikeliest victors: the Pirate Party, established as a unifying force behind the popular Pirate Bay torrent website, has won a sizeable number of votes, supressing some of the long-standing Swedish political parties from holding parliamentary seats.

Initially dismissed as a temporary ire of youth, the Pirate Party has grown in numbers, mostly due to now infamously mishandled and widely criticised Pirate Four trial.

Now, the Pirate Party not only secured potentially two seats in the European Parliament, but beat more than few traditional oponents in the elections with their win of almost 200,000 votes.

Many view the Pirate Party win as a change of current in the European Parliament when it comes to issues of fair copyright, and net neutrality.

One of the Pirate Party goals is to legalize file-sharing for personal use in Sweden as well as in EU.

You know what this means? That you, yes you, have just become political. Get used to it.