H1N1 or The Swine Flu Is a Global PANDEMIC, WHO Announces

by Irma Arkus

WHO announced today that H1N1 is indeed a global pandemic. The first global pandemic in last 40 years has already infected some 30,000 people across the globe, including South and North America, EU and Middle East.

Mexico, where the virus was thought to have originated, has experienced many deaths from influenza complications. The flu has been detected across the world and reported cases amount to whopping 30,000 infected and growing.

The fears are that due to current southern hemisphere weather, the virus will mutate into an even deadlier strain that would potentially result in greater number of deaths.

Currently in Canada, concerns are primarily over aboriginal populations: any flaws in providing adequate health care will undoubtedly result in deaths of a fragile population.

Additionally, major questions and concerns entail Africa: the reporting currently does not entail any parts of Africa, which happens to be a huge continent. Noone is certain as to how many cases of the flu can be found in different parts of African continent.