HiSciFi – Gabrielle Rose on BSG, Taken, Grace and Sweet Hereafter

We give you the lowdown on the Pirate Bay Four trial, inform you of the latest case of a comic book collector thrown in jail for owning manga, and more…

We are also joined by one of Canada’s most notable actresses, Gabrielle Rose. You have seen her everywhere, as the grand dame of acting had worked on Spielberg’s Taken, as well as BSG, Stargate, Smallville and Sanctuary.

While we’re excited about these shows, Rose is really amazing in drama productions. From Robson Arms, to Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter, Rose made a lasting influence on small and silver screen.

The career of Gabrielle Rose started in 1975, and despite her remarkable success, she remains a positive, yet down-to-earth persona, who is really exquisit to watch.

We ask her about her recent sporting of gray streaks, a bold statement on her age, and get her to give us the goods on collaborating with known directors. We also talk about the nature of Canadian cinema and television, and reveal the details on her latest project, “Shattered.”

Rose has recently scooped the Leo Award for the Best Dramatic Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series, for her work on Sanctuary. She also received her own star on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

The most interesting bit about having Gabrielle Rose on air with us, is that she is genuinely excited about being on our show.
HiSciFi – Gabrielle Rose on BSG, Taken, Grace and Sweet Hereafter