True Blood: Update on Season 2

by Irma Arkus

Update on Season 2!

Many of you asked pertinent questions. Such as: Is Lafayette really really dead?

The answer is: yes. He is really, really dead. Thus far, our contacts confirm that Nelsan Ellis is nowhere near the production of True Blood, Season 2. While his character Lafayette made for life in Bon Temps certainly more interesting, the new story development has left our Lafayette out of the picture.

I am certain that this will outrage many fans of the show, as Lafayette’s character added intrigue, and depth, and dare I say, a bit of colour too. Some fans have complained in Internet forums that he is a “stereoptypical” gay, black man, but I believe that Lafayette has shown himself to be far more unique. His charm aside, Lafayette knew how to show his opponents the door, got into a few fights, and won. That aside, he was funny.

I do hope the writers at some point pluck him from thin air and reintroduce him as a vampiric version of old Lafayette.

To other inquiring minds: Jason will enter the Fellowship of the Sun, in a dubiously passionate form, giving us a peak into the lives of the righteous and religious right.

According to Alan Ball, this will base in part, a great deal of the plot for the second season, or at least its first half.

Evan Rachel Wood will be a guest on the show, playing a small-town waitress.

Just kidding. She will be a vampire.

Wood will join the show in a guest appearance, and expose part of Compton’s secretive past.

The clock for the preimere is ticking. So, I suggest you brush up with the handy notes (above), maybe even watch an episode or two as a refresher, and enjoy the premier of the second season on June 14th.