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I am wearing Super Mario Socks as we speak

and they are amazingly cute Super Mario Warp Zone Socks. Yeah, sock it to me baby.

Thanks to Genevieve for the tip [Ashidashi].

Dino Footprints Found in Switzerland Alps

by Irma Arkus

Remember Ricola guy? He was probably chewing on his herbal candy, while stepping on some fosilized dinosaur prints. Yes, dinosaurs roamed Switzerland (and evolved into bankers???).

Natural History Museum in Basel has revealed its findings from Ela Nature Reserve, in Switzerland, revealing fosilized print of animal estimated to be between 15 and 20 feet long.

The prints are estimated to be approximately 210 million years old [Discoveryon].

Blood: The Last Vampire

by Irma Arkus

Assuredly, if I weren’t “in the hole” so to speak for the last few weeks, this would have already been posted. But since I’ve been hiding in caves, probably right next to Osama bin Laden, “Blood: The Last Vampire” trailer hit me unexpectedly.

Like a Japanese version of Blade/Hellboy, but with more pheromones, Blood is based on an anime and manga series by the same name.

Based on original manga by Benkyo Tamaoki and dragged to North America by Viz Media, the story entails the most adorable vampire (vampirette?) Saya, who is handy with her katana, and kicks demon ass quite well.

Even though she is quite tiny, cute and teenagey, she is over a hundred years old.

Working for Red Shield, an organisation that is collaborating with Japanese and US government, Saya kills the creatures of the dark “Chiroptera” – batty, crabby and blood-sucking.

Now, we get to watch her kick ass on the large screen. See trailer here.

And before you flock off to theatres, do watch the original anime version.

Germany: Internet Censorship

by Irma Arkus

The latest news on increasing Internet censorship come from Germany, where parliament voted to proceed with censorship of unwanted, undesired pornographic websites, in order to protect the children.

Similar actions have been taken in Australia, Canada, US, and a few other countries.

Australia’s recent feud with WikiLeaks, in which WikiLeaks disclosed the list of the censored sites to be absolutely unrelated to child pornography, but rather to be of political and ideological nature.

Few years ago, Cory Doctorow joined us on our show, and brilliantly pointed out that legislations brought forward, such as ones used to censor content in order to “protect the children,” have been often used to solidify the government power base. Noone will, in their right minds, look or post child pornography using simple, well known key-words, making most legislations meaningless as a form of protection, doing essentially nothing more than opening doors to potential abuses of the laws by authorities.

Such is the case of Australia vs. WikiLeaks, a well known whistle-blower site, which, upon releasing the aformentioned list, experienced nothing less than legal prosecution by Australian defence, and is technically, one of the sites on the noted list.

The “need to protect children” won in German parliament, following the recent trends of turning ISPs into Internet police authorities, with legislating ISPs to display warning on select sites detected to contain child pornography.

The most intriguing part of the event was the response by German citizens. According to the Inquirer “the bill drew strong protests from German Internet users including hackers, digital freedom activists, bloggers and social notworkers. It triggered an online petition signed by more than 130,000 individuals, 80,000 more than the number required for the petition to be heard on the floor of the German parliament.”

The German law is certainly not as draconian as similar legislations introduced by other nations, due to the fact that the law is meant to expire in three years. [The Inquirer]

HiSciFi: Temporary Down

I am wading through your letters and emails and thank you for sending words of concern. Many have asked why the postings and the show have been “off air” for a few weeks now?

Our host station, CJSF 90.1FM has experienced some server changes / errors… call it what you want, either way a few shows that were recorded live have literally disappeared into the ether, leaving me in tears. I wouldn’t be sentimental, but after working my little butt off to arrange the interviews, and bring you the select news in an audio form, losing a copy of those seemed horrific, demoralizing and plain discouraging.

Next few weeks are looking up though – we will have an interview by Kipleigh Brown, Chase Masterson, and none other than Peter Mayhew, better known as Chewbacca.

Coolness galore we have prepared for you aside, the news have been killing me, softly.

Between debilitating arguments in an economic recession regarding money, copyright, eroding rights and freedoms, net neutrality, Pirate Bay, torrent technology, and more devastatingly, environment and climate change…I needed to take a personal break for a few weeks…a la vacation, to clear my head so to speak.

So do forgive me for being MIA for a week or two, and I hope you come back to visit us again, and as always, and most faithfully, listen to our show.

Irma Arkus