Blood: The Last Vampire

by Irma Arkus

Assuredly, if I weren’t “in the hole” so to speak for the last few weeks, this would have already been posted. But since I’ve been hiding in caves, probably right next to Osama bin Laden, “Blood: The Last Vampire” trailer hit me unexpectedly.

Like a Japanese version of Blade/Hellboy, but with more pheromones, Blood is based on an anime and manga series by the same name.

Based on original manga by Benkyo Tamaoki and dragged to North America by Viz Media, the story entails the most adorable vampire (vampirette?) Saya, who is handy with her katana, and kicks demon ass quite well.

Even though she is quite tiny, cute and teenagey, she is over a hundred years old.

Working for Red Shield, an organisation that is collaborating with Japanese and US government, Saya kills the creatures of the dark “Chiroptera” – batty, crabby and blood-sucking.

Now, we get to watch her kick ass on the large screen. See trailer here.

And before you flock off to theatres, do watch the original anime version.