HiSciFi – Robert Burns on “The Unselfish Gene”

This week we have one of my new favorite authors, Robert Burns, who not only has the touch for the undead, but writes most beautiful adventure sci-fi pulp I’ve read in a long, long time. And together with Burns, we bring you his new novel, The Unselfish Gene.

The premise of the novel is genuinely un-boring: colonists on moon are the last of humans as we know it, because the rest of the Earth’s populus has been affected by a Zombie virus.

But that is only where the fun starts, as moon colonists seem to suffer from endless complications and health issues of their own: they are not the best choice for human propagation due to long-term radiation exposure, and mental ilnesses, including clinical depression, are quite common.

Worst of all, they are the only and best candidates for survival of humanity, because they have the runaway vehicle: Anita, an Orion-like ship, propelled by nuclear-bombs, is a way out, as Earth also faces a run-in with a comet.

The premise of the novel simply spells disaster, which is AWESOME.

Do check out The Unselfish Gene novel. Not only does it have new and surprising twists to the Zombie lore, but it also happens to be one of those endearing publications with surprisingly cool illustrations. Best of all, Burns not only writes great pulpy sci-fi, but writes science articles for living, which makes his prose surprisingly palatable and enriching.

I don’t do this often, but this time I will make an exception – Buy a copy. Give it to your friends, especially the ones that join the local Zombie Walks.

HiSciFi – Robert Burns on “The Unselfish Gene”