Stargate Universe Webisodes

by Irma Arkus

Webisodes, those pesky, superbly short bits of entertainment, meant to hook-line-and-sinker us into the second half of a series season, are announced for Stargate Universe.

Not only does Stargate Universe offer superb and surprising choices in casting, with Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, but now announced planned 30 short webisodes meant to entice us to tune in for more.

Helmed by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, Stargate Universe was pitched at the end of second season of Atlantis as a twist for another series in a healthy franchise.

Ninth chevron on the stargate reveals the Ancient’s technology to be capable of instantaneously traversing not only vast distances , but potentially multiple universes as well. The stargate program is led to a ship built by the Ancients, Destiny, designed for seeding stargates on numerous planets.

Michael Shanks is making an appearance, again, as is Lou Diamond Phillips. A surprising cast addition is David Blue (Ugly Betty), and they are also joined by a few new faces, including Vancouverites Julia Anderson, Alaina Huffman and Jennifer Spence of Toronto.

While Wright and Cooper promise good fun, they also indicated that they are not interested in tacking many rubber-faced alien villains, rather sticking to a sense of realism. According to their interview with CinemaSpy, the two are trying to separate SG: Universe from already established mythology of Stargate franchise, instead focusing on creating an entirely new look and placing emphasys on dramatic performances.

The show promises a lot of hand-held camera feel, as homage to mockumentaries, and of course, fan and critic beloved, Battlestar Galactica.

The show will premier on Oct. 2nd, 2009.

As for the SG1 crew, while additional feature films were planned, we hear that these are on hold at the moment, due to financial strains. [CinemaSpy]

Meanwhile, let’s watch the trailer, and experience spasms of pure fear!