The Hobbit Must Go On!

by Irma Arkus

We all watched LOTR in awe…and immediately concluded that Peter Jackson absolutely must make The Hobbit. At least that was what I had at the back of my brain when I peeled my butt off the theatre chair after watching Jackson’s magical New Zealand elf parade.

Unlike JJ Abrams with Star Trek, Peter Jackson actually DID bother to READ the books, and even (I know, shocking!) do some additional research.

“Here is someone,” I thought, “who did his research, aaand happens to be a total geek.”

I was in love. And so was the rest of the world.

But who knew that The Hobbit was also embroiled in lawsuits and legalistic schemes?

Your copyright laws in effect: Tolkien’s estate trustees filed a lawsuit against New Line production. They demanded up to $150 millon of theatre proceeds for the LOTR movie.

That too happens when you read btw.

Additionally, the trustees blocked the filming of The Hobbit until settlement.

OK. So, in the end Peter Jackson did not end up filming the Hobbit, but the settlement has been resolved and Guillermo del Toro (another one who reads apparently), will proceed to direct The Hobbit.

According to Christopher Tolkien: “New Line may now proceed with its proposed films of ‘The Hobbit.'”

Thanks Mr. Toklien for sharing your dad’s work of literature 36 years after his passing… [Reuters]