Fringe 2.1

by Irma Arkus

One of the most anticipated premiers is the second season of Fringe. So, I present you with review of the first episode, because tonight is the night!

Starting with a man appearing from “somewhere” only to run into a man’s home, rendering him unconscious, then proceeding to crush his own facial bones like crunchy playdough, and then inserting a small, three pronged device onto the upper palate of his mouth and that of the unconscious man, turning himself into an identical looking man. Meanwhile, the scene of the initial accident is determined to be between the crunchy faced man and Olivia’s vehicle in which she appears not.

Bishop evaluates the car, and realizes that there is a kind of time lag involved. Olivia suddenly appears (a delayed reaction of kind), rupturing the windshield of the car hours after the accident, only to be confirmed dead upon examination by a physician.

So…I kid you not, Olivia dies in first 3 minutes, and that is one hell of a start for a show that features her as the major protagonist.

Appearance of another young, sexy, female FBI agent allows Peter to gives her and us the summary/introduction of the Fringe division.

Turns out, the Fringe division is also in danger of having all of its funding cut and Massive Dynamics is intent on keeping it open and working.

The crunchy faced man is determined to be from a parallel universe, a soldier, and not necessarily a male either. He unveils that a communication method between the two dimensions exists, and is ordered to kill Olivia, who has incidentally just recovered from being clinically dead.

The crunchy faced man has not only some very soft facial features, but an incredibly bouncy step too. Pretending to be a nurse, failing to kill Olivia by strangulation, she jumps out of the building, landing on her two feet like a cheetah. Eventually, she gets shot by Charlie who tends to watch over Olivia like a guardian.

The nurse is found dead, killed by Charlie, and next to her body is the three pronged device which allows for metamorphosis of these warriors from the other side. Peter uses the technology for a political manouver, extracting more funds for the Fringe division.

At very end, Charlie turns out to be possibly, maybe, someone entirely else.

The End. Now you’re ready to watch more Fringe!