Heroes Starts Again. The Fourth Season Begins!

by Irma Arkus

Heroes premiere has brought back the familiar faces, in a familiar fashion, and that just might not be enough to start-up a dying franchise.

After such poor story-telling for two whole seasons, and introducing so many characters that even devotees’ heads were swimming in confusion, it is hardly believable that we will suddendly get swept up in Heroes craze again.

Yeah, the Heroes times were good once upon a time, but they are no longer around.

Still, I gave the fourth season a shot, and it looks like the writers at least, are back on track.

While admittedly, the two hour prolonged special was, for the lack of a better word, boring, the overly-complicated plot lines have been somewhat simplified, and the core characters have been brought back.

Peter Petrelli is still one-power-at-a-time kind of guy. And labouring to the point of exhaustion as an ambulatory worker. He is staying away from dear mommy, and brother, because Noah is actually Sylar, whose mind has been bent to imagine himself being Noah – courtesy of Matt Parkman who made a deal with mommy Petrelli.

The return of Nikki Sanders is something to rejoice in. Nikki was killed at end of last season, in a beautiful, self-sacrificing act. But miss pure H20 has regained consciousness, and now, like Storm, she cannot be killed, just drained.

Claire is also back, and in college. Suspicously, part of me wanted for the show to perhaps try cutting down on so many arbitrary characters, and settling on a little bit of college growing pains. But thankfully, even the writers took better aim at Claire’s destiny, and her college experience was quickly marred by a suicide of a creepy, over-achieving roommate.

But who can resist introducing new characters? Not writers for Heroes.

A far crisper, cleaner, more sanitized version of Carnivale shows up, bearing familiar faces. Robert Knepper, sporting the worst Irish-y accent, reveals himself to be a man with a dark plan involving our Heroes. He is going to be the organizing force that will tap into the Heroes we know (and used to kind of love, says Irma resentfully!)

Which brings me to the two cutest characters alive: Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi are back in Japan, rescuing cutenes for the world.

All is going to be alright, if the start, though lackluster, continues to weave in a great story. Then we’ll all be glued to our screens again.