Baloon Boy Story: So Much More Under That Surface of Crazy

by Irma Arkus

Yesteday I was mesmerised by a headline, as was the rest of the world, describing a frantic father calling Fox News to help him retrieve his adventurous boy who flew off in a makeshift helium balloon.

The drama was accentuated by Fox Newscasters giving some rather violent advice in parenting, including the suggestion that the father should apply some physical violence in teaching his son a lesson.

But the drama continued, and the more it did, the more we wanted to find out just what kind of family this is, that has an attic, a helium balloon parked, and a father, Robert Heene, who is a supposed “Psyence Detective.”

Did you say “Psyence detective?

Not only did I learn about “psyence,” but I also learned about Heene’s personal belief development: he describes that his firm belief in aliens is a result of an incident at a fast food restaurant where he hit his head against the tile floor and lost consciousnes.

Precious. Watch the Heene’s below:

Balloon Boy on Wife Swap 1 of 5
by sdwfdura
UPDATE: Oct 17, 2009 10:17 pm

The assistant of Heene’s, Robert Thomas, has worked on the UFO-like baloon, apparently as a form of a promotion for their TV-show pitch.

He also describes Heene as a man experiencing paranoias and getting more desperate for money. Also, Thomas’ familiarity with the family places serious doubts that Falcon, the child in question, would have hid from his father to begin with.

The Gawker exclusive also has two audio interviews with Thomas worth listening to HERE.