Simpsons Hentai: Playboy Gone Cartoon Wild

by Irma Arkus

Not sure how much trouble the magazine industry is in, but Playboy is most definitely attempting to reach out to new audiences by going Hentai. November Playboy features Marge Simpson on its cover, and an in-depth interview will give us “insight” into sexy, Julie Kavner-voiced life of the Simpsons femininity.

Let us forgo the fact that Playboy’s sexuality is cartoonish enough, after all turning women into “bunnies” for source of amusement is pretty Hentai already, but the Playboy’s homage to one of the most beloved cartoon characters in the longest running animated series may carry multiplicity of meanings.

The issue has plenty of geek appeal. Touted are the likes of Stephen King, Benicio del Toro and Tracy Morgan meant to appeal to an entirely new subset of potential, future Playboy readers. In fact, the issue is shamelessly attempting at ingratiating itself to “readership” period, except that it does so by sexualizing one of the least sexy, maternal, meek and family-oriented characters embodying the lackluster houswives of low-income families.

The Devil in Mrs. Simpson is drawn by Matt Groenig successfully sexualizing the maternal goddess of the Simpsons family. It has serious connotations as to what a growing audience of The Simpsons fans, mostly kids that grew into men we know today, is perceiving as sexy.

It may somehow appeal to their inner Homers, or insinuate that yes, all Homers can find their own Marge, a faithful companion who not only bears the burdens of raising a family on shoe-string budget, but also happens to be a great, feisty gal in the sack.

On the other hand, it just may be that Playboy is finally getting into Hentai, looking for lusty thrills in cartoons.

Watch out for Playboy issue featuring Marge in November. The publication will make the Simpsons coverage available online.