Food: Then And Now

by Irma Arkus

If geeks are known for anything that it is for the countless hours spent playing timesuck games (I can think of an entire year and a half eaten by WOW), and successfully gaining weight based on diet of takeout, snacks and pop.

But an interesting article popped up comparing portions some 30 years ago, versus contemporary portions, and if you are trying to take off those last few pounds and finding it difficult, then maybe, just maybe, it is the portions that are the cause.

Divine Caroline’s Liz Monte has the scoop with appropriate photos and information on average caloric value of these delectable foods. Dietitians have been raving about portions for years already, telling us to eat only half of a average meal served in a restaurant, and then even move onto consuming only a half of that.

An average slice of Pizza was smaller, narrower, and contained some 350 calories less. Bahh, I say – I can eat 2 regular slices and then curse myself for hours later. The pros I hang with can finish a whole Xtra Large Za in a mere sitting. But I digress.

350 hundred calories may not kill you, but will definitely contribute to that ponch you’ve been jealously holding onto. But then there are worst scenarios: one of my favorite lines in a cafe is “I would like a giant cup of coffee,” so it is shocking when looking at comparison between the giant cup of coffee found at Starbucks (I don’t spend my money at Starbucks btw), measuring at 16 ounces and boasting 330 calories (and that’s with 2% milk! I drink whole!!!) versus the traditional 8 ounce cup with only 45 calories.

That leaves me with an almost extra 300 calories per cup of coffee, and that may not be such a concern, if it weren’t for the fact that I consume a LOT of coffee.

Check it out and share your woes. Photos above are up to scale. [Divine Caroline

That aside, you could always have a bigger problem with calories.