John Safran’s Cooking Show Pilot

A while back one of my friends forwarded me the John Safran’s TV special “John Safran vs God” which left me panting for more. As it turns out, Safran is a bit of a autobiographical essayist with a dash of comedy, and a twist of ballderdashery that reminds of Sasha Baron Cohen’s wiley interviews with unsuspecting participants.

Unlike Cohen though, Safran is right now a new face, still unrecognized by North Americans, allowing him a greater degree of freedom to experiment with various interviews and identities.

I highly encourage you to check out his new show, “John Safran’s Race Relations.” Must warn you that initial impetus for the show is a bit lessened as material wears thin in the latter episodes, but the series is yet another Safran’s personal odyssey exploring his open wish to marry a Eurasian girl (identity yet to be determined) rather than court the local Jewish girls.

But Safran also asks the tough questions. For one, he questions the “stick with your tribe” philosophy which is a somewhat racist and culturally insular, yet socially tolerated position on interracial or better yet, intercultural couples.

However, today I want to share with you the true genious of John Safran: his Master Chef pilot. I must warn you – it is highly graphic and does involve a lot of blood.