Stephen King has released his novelisation of the Simpson’s Movie a bit late

Today, news hit that Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King will attempt to bring King’s most recent novel to the small screens. But I feel like I’ve already seen it.

Who can forget the much anticipated Simpson’s Movie released in the summer of 2007 with a blizzard of promotional tie-in products. (I still have my Krusty-O’s box)

While most of the tie-in merchandise from the movie release has long since disappeared from 7-11 store shelves* Steven Kings book of the film entitled “Under The Dome” was released earlier this month. As with the movie the book details the sudden appearance of an impenetrable clear dome which cuts off an average American town from the rest of the world and the resulting character drama as neighbor turns against neighbor within.

It is not clear how the novel interprets the significance of Spider Pig.

Do to the delay in release King’s publishers have attempted to market this book as a stand alone work separate from the 2007 Simpson’s Movie. Going as far as to claim that King has been working with this story since the late 1970’s. The ruse has been continued by King, remarking on his personal site that “I can’t speak personally to this, because I have never seen the movie”. Despite these claims King himself has admitted that he began writing the bulk of this work in 2007 obviously to coincide with the ‘summer of Springfield’ sparked by the movie’s release.

*a notable exception being those suspect frosted sugar cookies bearing the likenesses of our familiar friends from Springfield which for some reason still seem to be available.