Taping a Birthday Party + 4 Minutes of New Moon Scenes = Arrest and Prison Time

If you weren’t sure just how preposterous and draconian copyright legislations are, then feast your eyes on this example of human horror.

According to the Chicago’s Sun Times, 22-year old Samantha Tumpach was taping her sister’s birthday party at the local cineplex, catching glimpses of New Moon film during the Happy Birthday song. An employee, most likely one of those poor teens who work for minimum wage and smell of popcorn palm oil grease, caught the glimpse of her handy-cam and called authorities.

Now, Tumpach faces severe charges for recording less than 4 minutes of New Moon, a film production that is not worth anyone’s time or money. She is looking at up to three years in prison, and has been charged with felony. Who’s the vampire now? [Sun Times