Current State of Mininova and Future of Torrents

Mininova’s traffic has reportedly plummeted. Now that the largest tracker succumbed to legal pressures and adapted to distributing only legal content, the number of daily downloads represent only 4% of previous traffic.

Over the course of the past week, many have returned to the beloved site, looking for thelatest entertainment releases, but the daily search numbers went from over 10m to 370,000.

But where are these visitors going now that Mininova is no longer providing torrents to films and television programs? As in the case of SuprNova shutdown, there is always someone (Mininova) to pick up from where the site left off, so here are the top ten alternate torrent sites, as per TorrentFreak ratings:

1 TorrentZap
2 Vertor
3 ExtraTorrent
4 KickassTorrents
5 BTjunkie
6 Monova
7 isoHunt
8 yourBitTorrent
9 The Pirate Bay
10 ShareReactor