Yahoo! Inc. Is Selling Client Email Content. Wanna Know For How Much?

by Irma Arkus

thanks to generalcastro for tip! has leaked a 17 page price list from Yahoo! Inc. as a guide to selling the email content of its users to law enforcement and intelligence collecting agencies.

Not only are personal emails available for sale to agencies in question, but the concern has an foreign relations angle, as the increasingly popular free email services provided by telcos, led to many officials across the nations to using them for private and business purposes.

While many responded to this revelation by closing their email Yahoo accounts, users should be warned that the company stores the said accounts for a 90 day period after closure.

Upon release of the whistleblowing documents, Yahoo issued a legal letter to Cryptome, stating that the information hosted on its site is proprietary information and copyrighted to Yahoo, thus. Cryptome’s answer to that is that the copyright on the documentation is not registered in any way, nor does the documentation itself bear any copyright insignia.

Apart from Yahoo, Cryptome has also released ATT, Sprint, Voicestream, Verizon, Nextel, Pacific Telesis, GTE, and Cingular documentation of similar nature. I highly encourage you to review the said documentation at [Cryptome]