What’s Next for James Cameron? A Sci-Fi Movie Of Course

Speculations fly on what Cameron will do post-Avatar, and rumours are that Shane Salerno, the very same man who hasn’t updated his imdb photo since the 1980s, the one responsible for the AVP2 film production, has a science fiction script that Cameron will immediately start working on.

Could this be the “Doomsday Protocol” announced in pre-production on Salerno’s work page?

Right now, Doomsday Protocol is described by SciFi cool, as a whiff of the Seven Samurai in Space, but the summary of the film is maintained as “a group of humans and aliens with unique abilities who are brought together to save Earth,” which at this point could mean anything.

While Salerno is touted as a big blockbuster gift to humanity, in terms of writing, his recent films were less than successful. Not that I am pointing any fingers, but Shaft, AVP 1, and Armageddon do not inspire me with a great deal of confidence, no matter what his grandiose wiki entry may say.