Avatar Is Out, Cameron Is King of The World…Again

by Irma Arkus

I haven’t doubted the fact that James Cameron can and will produce a smashing hit with Avatar. What I did not know is how unanimously pronounced the critical support is for the new film, and across the board too.

Reading Roger Ebert’s review, Cameron has spent his $300m “wisely” and delivered “an extraordinary film.” More importantly, the combination of technology, new species, language, and likeable heroes is what Ebert acknowledges as an “Event,” and with a capital ‘E.’]

And Ebert is only the beginning of a long line-up of praises for a film that LA Times touts as a serious Oscar contender. While it makes a deadly mistake in failing to draw a distinction between fantasy and sci-fi genres, it does question the draw for Academy Awards, asking whether this one will break the mold.
The Hollywood Reporter called it a “jaw-dropping wonder” and even Simon Pegg tweeted “an extraordinary piece of cinema.”

So there. Now we all have to watch it.