Thirst News: True Blood New Casting Updates

by Irma Arkus

Wow. So many people are being added to True Blood cast that I am starting to seriously suspect some major funding provided to production.

The latest scoop is that we are not only to meet Sam’s younger, long-lost brother, but we’ll also get to meet his father, played by Cooper Huckabee, his mother, as portrayed by J. Smith-Cameron.

But don’t think that the story will be only concerned with Sam’s family background as we also get to meet Lafayette’s mother, played by the wonderful Alfre Woodard.

Natasha Alam is added to the cast as a sexy Fangtasia dancer who catches the eye of none other than Eric.

But that is not all, as Sookie is said to also have a romantic interest in the new werewolf in town, played by Joe Manganiello, who as Alcide Herveaux, helps her find Bill after a “kidnapping”???

Evan Rachel Wood is reappearing as queen of all vampires, but leeks indicate that there will be some kind of vampire king in the mix as well.

Tommy Mickens, a character unknown, will apparently also play an important role in the upcoming season. We just don’t know who it will be, or who it will be portrayed by.

Apparently, Alan Ball wants to shake up our feathers quite a bit this season, adding werewolves and romantic interludes a plenty. Who am I to argue?

The only fly in the ointment is the date for the new season premiere: June, 2010. Long way to go, and nothing to watch.