Doctor Who: Waiting for Impending Doom Continues

Not sure how many of you have seen the first part of…DOOM!!! Alright. Not exactly doom, but rather the highly anticipated Doctor Who X-mas special, which will result in hallowing in a new era of the Matt Smith Doctor, and kiss the old one, meaning David Tennant, goodbye.

Thus far, the nailbiting adventure has brought back the old and the bad: John Simms is back as The Master, except somehow even more likeable and charming than the last time around. Turns out, The Master was not crazy, he just can’t stop hearing the drums!!!

Grandpa Noble is back as well, we just cannot figure out why, but we like the old man a lot.

And also, Donna Noble is back! Donna turns out to be one of the select few humans who can resist the Master’s mind-manipulation techniques. As a side effect, Noble is also starting to remember the past, which is a bit of a relief considering that she has left to a cruel, average and miserable destiny, leading the life of a minimum wage temp.

At the end though, we are exposed to not only a swarthy, vocal and somewhat spitty Timothy Daulton, but to a potentially returning glory of Gallifrey.

Here’s the teaser for the Saturday’s conclusion of the End of Time!!!