Airport Scanners, Real Images Revealed

by Irma Arkus

The latest frenzy to install airport scanners has, in my humble opinion, gone overboard, and furthermore has given itching authorities carte blanc to installing another trillion dollars worth of security machinery that many experts doubt in terms of legality or safety, and generally making lives of passengers beyond miserable.

The airport scanners are invasive, and though I personally cackle with fond thoughts of Total Recall, they indeed present a serious invasion of anonymity for passengers.

Undertheradarmedia reports that actual images produced by the scanners are not in fact the negatives we’ve been shown. Instead the images appear as simple black and white “scans” of our bodies.

I personally am not a shy daisy, and neither is the woman in the image. But there is a great differentiation between having the right to say no to being examined head to toe and being forced to comply with extreme security measures(or otherwise get Tasered?)

Our sense of anonymity and privacy has already been vanquished to make way for “securitization.” Whether it’s securitization of economic funds, national borders, or just following orders of some vague “intelligence” community, I at least expected the luxury of having my ass covered with a shammy through the process. [Undertheradarmedia