Hating Fox: Network Announces Remake of Torchwood

by Irma Arkus

Fox is officially the bane of my existence. Not only is Fox responsible for mowing down some of most fan-beloved shows, but its eagerness to remake everything into a watered-down version of its former self is starting to eat at my soul. I present to you the latest attempt to murder us in our stupor while sitting in front of the screens: remaking Torchwood.

I am not saying that it’s a bad idea. In fact, I can see Torchwood in an international setting – a sort of US arm of the specialty unit dealing with all alien threats. But I do ponder at why?

If you are not familiar with Torchwood, a Russell T. Davies show that sprung as a companion piece to Doctor Who, then let me do the introduction. Meet Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal man who wears a coat two sizes larger, and flashes a smile that will seduce every living thing, is in charge of Torchwood, a unit that combats all those dangers that aliens present, while the Doctor is away.

The unit is lovable, sexy, and more than mildly steamy. It’s like X-Files meets Saved by The Bell, but one in which everyone is doing it with everyone else.

In other words, it’s genious fun for grown-ups. And I do mean the kind that US television has failed to produce for decades.

So, my question is: why? Do they really think that the grave injury represented by unruly and flop hems around Jack’s ankles would be a forgivable sin if worn by anyone else?

Do you really see another Jack? Do you see too many gay romances? Do you see? Do you see? I don’t. Naaah. [The Hollywood Reporter]