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Warner Bros. Recruits Students to Spy on Pirates

Warner Bros Entertainment UK is recruiting tech-savvy students to help the company with their anti-piracy efforts. During the 12 month internship the students will have to maintain accounts at private BitTorrent sites, develop link-scanning bots, make trap purchases and perform various other anti-piracy tasks.

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World War II Veterans Must Pay To Sing War Songs

Veterans of World War II who sang war songs at a free concert last year have now been told that they must pay fees to copyright holders. A collections society says they are owed money since the veterans sang the songs in public. The controversy has prompted an announcement in Russia’s parliament.

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Tokyo International Anime Fair

You know what’s happening this weekend? The Tokyo International Anime FairTokyo International Anime Fair!!!

Today alone, some 51073 visitors attended the fair, which features a substantial amount of anime-related swag, product releases, launches of new anime series and some serious art-loving.

I wish!!!

Republicans: Hating Anime, Hating Japanese

Watch this….

A side of Sulu you have never seen before

A new approach to China

Google China ( is now redirecting to Google Hong Kong ( This allows mainland China internet users access to uncensored Google services. Go to for a list of which services are currently accessible.

Google is maintaining a sales and R&D presence on the mainland.