Star Trek: TV Show Announced

by Irma Arkus

To all the passionate Trekkies out there, the JJ Abrams movie may not have been all that, but it did do one thing – allowed for television executives to be excited all over again with the idea of bringing more Trek to small screens.

And some wishes are coming true, as announced TV series is in the works. Paramount is behind a major push for a new Star Trek series. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy has been announced at Wondercon in San Francisco, and it will have all the Smallville bits it needs to drive me crazy and turn me off of Trek forever…but it will also regenerate an old franchise in need of some new blood (don’t forget, executives are vampires!)

I am personally more excited about a remake of Blake’s 7 than the new Star Trek, because after watching Enterprise, my mouth still tastes of ashes.

Either way, it will be a teen version of Trek, which, if you are fantasizing about sparkly vampires, probably seems like a great idea. To the rest of us, who were observing the tough moral and ethical conundrums of Star Trek crew, the new Trek offers little in terms of satisfying entertainment or for that matter, “responsible entertainment.” (see what you made me do Abrams! call for RESPONSIBLE ENTERTAINMENT!!!)

Either way, we’ll get to watch this, horrified or not. More updates to follow.