Propylene Molecule Manufactured…Sans Chemical Waste

by Irma Arkus

US Argonne National Laboratory has released an announcement that their scientists, Jeff Greeley, Stefan Vajda and Larry Curtiss, have recreated the propylene oxide molecule, used just about anywhere, from production of plastics to brake fluid.

Using silver nanoclusters, creation of propylene in a laboratory setting, has resulted in familiar chemical minus the environmentally toxic pollutants, a commonly found by-product of the current process in propylene production.

“While the process does not eliminate ALL of environmental hazardous substances, it does cut down on most of them,” Argonne’s media liaison Brock Cooper explains.

Bearing in mind that production of silver nanoclusters itself is relatively intricate, the possibilities of creating man-made materials such as propylene without the usage of currently utilized raw resources would be an expensive and tedious process, but it does give hope for production of these when faced with scarcity, as well as in unconventional settings and locations.