Embeded Advertising: Tweet This

by Irma Arkus

First of all, I don’t know who Kim Kardashian is. Not a clue. Second of all, why on earth would anyone get $10,000 bucks to promote a product by tweeting about it???

What I do know is that Duncan Watts of Yahoo Inc. is asking advertising agencies to STOP paying such outrageous sums of money to people like Ms. Kardashian. Why? I will simply wave off the reasons and assume it is because Kardashian already has a boatload of money.


“If I had a fixed budget, I could get more value from a small amount of very influential [influencers], or a lot of smaller influencers, on Twitter,” Mr. Watts said. “If you recruit enough people who, on average, influence just one other person, you could get a much better return on investment if you aggregated them and altogether paid them a tenth of what Kardashian gets.”

Oh. This is why I back hobo advertising only.[AdAge]