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Comic Bakery C64 Theme Music

There’s a huge culture of remixing old video game music. There are entire communities like OCremix that have come full circle and have even had artists do arrangements for new releases of videos games like Street Fighter 2 HD, which featured music made by fans from OCremix.
Although there’s a lot of love for nintendo, sega, and many of the newer consoles the good old Commadore 64 has not gone unnoticed. Here is the original C64 theme music for Comic Bakery, a popular subject of remixes and arrangements. The theme music was composed by none other than Martin Galway who is considered a pioneer of chip music and an elite video game music composer. Just give it a listen.
Wait … Comic Bakery. A Comic Bakery. Like funny, ha-ha, and making baked goods. What sort of bumbling baker needs music this epic to chase away pesky raccoons that are sabotaging his bread machine? This is the sort of music you have if you’re high on Ayahuasca and you’re making cakes made out of sky. This is the sort of music you have if your baking the last loaf of bread on earth, or making a pizza pretzel for Zeus, or if baking bread was actually a metaphor for creating a galaxy with magic or nukes. Maybe he’s making food for a massive UN conference in which world peace will be achieved if and only if the various world leaders are well fed. I stay awake at night wondering how the trials of an earthy baker relates to this music. I think about his world and the people he knows and how baking is the one thing he can do to keep afloat on a sea of troubles. Much like the Divine Comedy was the tale of a mortal traveling hell and heaven for love, I get the feeling the Comic Bakery is potentially about something equally grandiose.

Green Porno

This is one part of a video series called Green Porno featuring Isabella Rossellini dressing up in animal costumes and humping giant fake invertebrates to teach you about nature. It is a charming blend of art, sensuality and education made for an internet age. See all of the videos on the Sundance Channel on Youtube.

Anime Club

yeah, something awful: still relevant today as when the web started (started for real – I’m talking geocities and yahoogames. All that stuff before then was sort of the dark ages.)

Mortal Kombat: Rebirth

When I was a kid the most bad ass thing in the world was Mortal Kombat. The teaser TV ad announcing the release of the game was a video of a kid standing in the streets yelling “Mortal Kombat” at the top of his lungs and that was all we needed to know. It was a world when Sega and Nintendo was in fierce competition for our love – Sonic wouldn’t appear in a Nintendo game unless he was on all fours being spit roast on Mario and Luigi’s cocks, let alone being accepted with open arms into the Super Smash Bros family. But the year Mortal Kombat came out Sega won the hearts and minds of psychotic teenage boys all across the country for the sole reason that the Sega version of MK had tons of blood and more brutal fatalites than those offered by the family-friendly Super Nintendo.

Since then the Mortal Kombat franchise has carried on its tradition of combining unrelenting killer hardcore awesome with super cheesiness, with awesome to cheese ratios varying widely. This tradition has been kept alive to the present day with the release the Mortal Kombat Rebirth trailer.
Is it a fan trailer? Is it a trailer for an actual upcoming movie? Is it a leaked pitch? Can a scientist answer these questions? No – scientists only know about protons, not Mortal Kombat. It can’t be a fan trailer – what are celebrities like Black Dynamite and 7 of 9 doing in a fan trailer? But wouldn’t a real trailer for a real movie have less fan-fictionesque writing? It is a new media for a new kind of war – if Mortal Kombat Rebirth somehow metamorphoses into an actual movie then what we’ve seen is an actual trailer shot cheaply that turned into a multimillion dollar movie, but if the producers down at the big studios tells the Rebirth team to GTFO then the trailer is just like one of many internet fan trailers except that it has Black Dynamite and 7 of 9 (as opposed to hipster-nerd-guy and hipster-nerd-guy-in-wig).

So here’s to Mortal Kombat Rebirth, potentially living the dream of amateur filmmakers everywhere. Here’s hoping that you at least give Stryker a cool death. on How Much Your Email Is Worth

This week we bring you the interview with the founder and coordinator of, John Young.

Cryptome has captured our attention as it, similarly to WikiLeaks, its mission of releasing information and documents generally kept secret recently unveiled the shocking information on just how the business of selling your or Hotmail email account content by said companies, works.

Apparently, it is relatively simple – anyone from any law-enforcement agency, no matter what capacity, can contact a telecommunications provider and acquire a clear history of your IM chats, contents of your email box, or pretty much any other information collected while you’re innocently browsing the nets.

Yes, even a janitor, with a neatly submitted request on letterhead of a local law enforcement agency can purchase said information. But does this apply to ANY law enforcement in the world? Do Afghanistan police have the ability to check on Joe Schmoe’s for San Francisco communications?

Tune in to find out, and do send us your questions! And do not forget to check out for yourself, and send them some donations for their excellent work too 🙂 on How Much Your Email Is Worth